Welcome to our site

Welcome to Virtual Night Stalkers site! We are Online Gaming Crew playing Action Quake 2 (maybe some other games in the future too). VnS was founded late in year 2000, so over 10 years in Action is something great (if we dont count those inactive years :-)

About this site

Old ClanWars from 2000-2011 before December 2011 will not be added anymore. I am still working with this site so please be patient! -Xmorph

This is why you should also Quake.



mallu left to <aC> and Sardaukar joined us.


flexys joined our forces. Let this year be great.


eax joined our forces. We are pretty full atm.


We got one old VnS member Epeli back and also panda joined our crew! Welcome both! After losing streak we actually managed to win 4 games in a row one night.


Few games played and all losses so far. Seeking the homemap with crew and testing these on CW is not best idea. :-)


We are back in Action! Got some old members together and starting AQ2 gaming again. Still seeking for active members to join us.

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